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Wasatch Railroad Contractors has been in the historic railroad restoration business for over 12 years, and with over 60 years worth of experience in heritage railroading provides a variety of services to tourist railroads, short lines, and museums. We are a certified ASME shop for new boiler construction and boiler repair. We are happy to preform any type of project ranging from cosmetic restorations of static displays to full operational restorations of living equipment that meets jurisdictional requirements.

  • Steam Locomotive: All aspects of evaluation and repair, including engineering and design of new boilers and boiler repairs.
  • Passenger equipement restoration and repair: Interior and exterior.
  • Static displays for museums.
  • Full painting services using industrial-grade coatings (DuPont, PPG, Nason, and more.)
  • Equipment transportation planning and oversight: By truck or by rail.
  • Air brake conversions: Convert older brake valve equipment to a modern standard.
  • Consulting on just about any topic related to your equipment.

Wasatch Railcar Repair is currently proud to offer railcar owners and lessors a variety of railcar repair and restoration options. WRR currently offers the following:

  • Rail Car Cleaning: Food Grade, Petroleum Products, Hazardous Materials.
  • Sand Blast: Interior and Exterior, Three different levels and/or grades.
  • Paint
  • Exterior Paint using a variety of industrial-grade products including Sherwin Williams, Century Coatings, PPG, DuPont, Nason, and more.
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Interior Liners: Application, Repair, Replacement (Products including Carboline, DuPont, and more.)
  • Full service running repairs
  • Wreck Damage
  • Car Conversions/Modifications
  • Special Service Adaptations and Fabrication
  • Testing: Bubble Leak, Hydrostatic, Valve and Safety Valve Testing and Replacement

Wasatch Railroad Contractors
422 Parsley Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82007
Main Office: (307) 778-7458

Wasatch Railcar Repair
8 Muskrat Road*
Shoshoni, WY 82649
(307) 876-2252

Served by the Bighorn Divide & Wyoming Railroad (BDW) and BNSF.

* Note, there is no USPS delivery at this location; Use PO Box listed below.

All billing, invoicing, and sales inquiries must be addressed to:

Wasatch Railroad Contractors
P.O. Box 20425
Cheyenne, WY 82003
(307) 778-7458